Business Solutions

Center for Wealth Preservation reviews each client’s business expenditures as they relate to benefits and insurances to determine if there are any inefficiencies.

Business Solution Considerations

Do you currently have a Retirement Plan, such as a 401(k) Plan, Pension Plan, Profit Sharing Plan, Executive Bonus Plan, Deferred Compensation Funding, Salary Continuation Plan, or Executive Fringe Benefit Plan?

Is it the most tax efficient vehicle?

Is it in compliance with discrimination laws?

Have you given thought to whether your business could survive if you or your partner weren’t able to work due to a disability?

What about if a key employee was no longer able to work?
How would you replace him or her?


Business Continuity Planning

Center for Wealth Preservation understands that as an owner of a business there are considerations that can be considered complex when it comes to the future continuity of your business. Working with you to determine your objectives and attempt to identify what plans, if any, have been put in place

Business Continuity Considerations:

Do you have partners or fellow shareholders?

Do you have a current agreement with them?

Do you understand the agreement?

Have you considered who will continue to operate your business if you decide to retire?

Does your personal financial plan impact or dictate your business financial plan? Or vice versa?

Have you taken steps to ensure that your visions will occur?

Do you have Key Employees? Are they involved in your continuity plan?

Other Services

Education Planning

Most people agree that an investment in higher education usually reaps its rewards in higher long-term earnings & greater job satisfaction.

Retirement Planning

Today, in addition to previous ideals, retirement is often a new beginning, a change in direction or just one of many stages.

Estate Planning

Many people share the common misconception that estate planning is something only done for death and for very affluent individuals.

Special Needs Planning

Disabilities impact a large segment of people including everything from hearing and sight loss to needing twenty-four critical care.

Business on the right track

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