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Special Needs Planning

 When caring for a person with disabilities, health issues are only the beginning of the concerns that must be acknowledged, understood and addressed. Special Needs Planning encompasses financial matters, legal issues and the future care of your loved one. Learn More about Special Need Planning!

Retirement Planning

Today, in addition to previous ideals, retirement is often a new beginning, a change in direction or just one of many stages you envision in fulfilling your dreams and goals. Some may spend time giving back to their community, others working on their relationships, spending more time with family, focusing on self enrichment and others may take on entire new careers or even travel the world.

A successful retirement should include preparing and maintaining a comprehensive financial plan encompassing all your financial needs, risks and options. You should also work with your advisors to address the emotional and family issues that may arise during this time.

Retirement Considerations

Whether you are currently working and planning for your retirement or are already retired, it is never too soon to begin addressing these issues.

  • Are you aware how much is needed for you to Retire? Are your long term goals identifiable?
  • Are your investments in line with those long term goals?
  • Are you familiar with your pension plan elections? Lump Sum Payouts vs. Stream of Payments? Joint-Survivor vs. Single Life distribution?

Our primary objective is to help clients understand the choices they have for retirement, navigate the complex world of retirement plan distributions, social security and Medicare and make attainable goals for retirement.

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