Mr. Todd Bass, JD*, CFMVA

Advanced Sales Specialist


Todd began his career in financial services in 2013 when he worked with Goldman Sachs on the equities desk and later moved to the JPMorgan Foreign Exchange desk. He received his law degree in 2012 from Touro Law and decided to open his own law practice in 2014. After being introduced to the Advanced Markets & Business Planning space in the financial services industry, Todd had made a conscious decision to continue serving as a financial professional to his clients, only in a financial capacity rather than as their lawyer.

Todd spent 18 months with Guardian Life Insurance. During that time, he earned the company’s highest award in the country as the New Agent of The Year. Todd was also named Guardians Executive Leaders Counsel as a top producer finishing in the top 8% of all producers nationwide.

In April of 2022, Todd made the decision to join Center for Wealth Preservation a MassMutual firm to once again advance his career. Todd has the ability, and is able to identify the goals and objectives of both business entities as well as individuals from each of their respective viewpoints, and can also provide clarity and in-depth analysis as to how both set of objectives sync up with the other.

Having earned his Juris Doctor degree and being an attorney, his approach to finance and planning is unique. He gains a great deal of gratification from helping people become financially organized and educating his clients on how to maximize the dollars flowing in and out of their financial worlds.

As an Advanced Sales Specialist, and member of the Business Planning Division, Todd works closely with owners of businesses, as well as their team of trusted professionals to assess the health and financial viability of their business. Many business owners have an idea as to what the intrinsic value of their business should be, however, in reality, they are unaware of what the actual value of the business would be if something were to happen, or what that value would be when it comes time to sell the business, or even retire. Helping business owners understand the value of their business, discussing and designing advanced tax strategies for owners and executives, and making sure legal documents are proper to achieve desired goals are part of how successful business plans are executed. Todd works with specialists and experts both within and outside of CWP to ensure that each of these plans is executed with the highest degree of precision.

In his spare time, Todd is an avid golfer and enjoys fishing, camping, MMA, reading, cars, watches, and collecting fine wines and bourbons. No matter what the event he always enjoys spending time with his family and loved ones.

Todd Bass is licensed to sell Insurance Products in the following jurisdictions:

CA (LIC.#4108747), CT, DE, FL, GA, MI, NC, NJ, NY, OR, PA, SC, TX, WI

State of Domicile: NY

*Licensed to practice law in the State of New York but not practicing.