Ms. Gretta Zutz

Financial Services Professional


For the last 12 years, Gretta Zutz has served the financial services industry by providing invaluable guidance on financial planning across a broad spectrum of clients from artists to CEOs. Gretta was the first financial professional at her prior firm to successfully put in place life and disability coverage for a member of the transgender community. This was an accomplishment as she is an ally to the underserved LGBTQA community. She also loves working with her clients educating them on how to create a legacy.

As a financial professional, Gretta has serviced both businesses as well as owners, partners, shareholders, and family-owned/operated businesses in providing solutions to a wide variety of financial needs. While her client base is diverse, the common objective amongst all of them is longevity and sustainability.

She is a proud member of MDRT, WIFS, BNI, and BUG (Brooklyn Urban Gardening).

Gretta enjoys swimming and spending time with her toddler, Liv (whose first word was IRA), her doodle, Ruby, and her husband, Justin (who also is the backbone of her practice). She spends her time between Miami, FL, and Jericho, NY. Though born in Wisconsin she supports NY teams - never the Packers.

Gretta Zutz is licensed to sell Insurance Products in the following jurisdictions:

New York