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Special Needs Planning

 When caring for a person with disabilities, health issues are only the beginning of the concerns that must be acknowledged, understood and addressed. Special Needs Planning encompasses financial matters, legal issues and the future care of your loved one. Learn More about Special Need Planning!

Education Planning

Most people today are likely to agree that an investment in higher education usually reaps its rewards in higher long-term earnings-and, hopefully, greater job satisfaction-one key concern is how to choose a smart savings alternative.

Education Planning Considerations:

There are various tax deferred vehicles that should be tested to determine which one should be used considering the education goals and objectives of your family.

  • Do your or your children currently own or participate in a 529 Plan, a Coverdell Education Savings Account or a Pre-Paid Tuition Program?
  • Have you prepared calculations to determine whether you are saving enough for their future education needs? How are the proceeds invested?
  • Are they in line with your risk tolerance and time prior to your child’s educational need?

Our primary objective is to help our clients save for their children’s educationin the safest, most tax-efficient manner; this will enable them to receive the best possible education and enrichment of the educational experience.

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